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  • Casting Couch #412: Maximo Fuentes, Adam Blake
    on June 18, 2019 at 12:00 am

    Adam Blake has a jock strap fetish and invites his buddy Maximo Fuentes to come over and indulge him. The jock straps are dropped and Maximo takes a knee in front of Adam as he sucks on his meaty, uncut cock. Adam spits in Maximo’s mouth to make sure he is well lubricated for his cock and begins forcefully fucking his face and throat. Now it is time for Adam to show Maximo how well he sucks cock as Maximo’s long shaft parts Adam’s lips and glides across his wet tongue until he reaches the back of his throat. Adam sucks in as much air as possible, knowing that Maximo’s huge cock is invading his throat and breathing will become secondary to this beautiful cock. Adam then takes a seat, spreads his ass open as Maximo begins feasting on his hot pink hole. Taking advantage of the fact that Maximo is on his knees, Adam gets behind him and thrusts his cock deep inside his muscular ass. Maximo enjoys the sensation of Adam’s meaty cock building a steady rhythmic and forceful fucking as it continues to grow stronger. The guys move to a standing position without ever breaking their rhythm. The talents of Maximo’s ass seduce and coax Adam’s cock to succumb to his pleasures. Adam strains to control his rapidly rising desires and yields to the building pressure that has built up in his heavy ball sac. Adam unleashes his hot load of cum on and inside of Maximo’s ass, continuing to fuck Maximo full of his load. Adam pushes Maximo to the floor and onto his back as he squats down onto his throbbing cock, riding his cock deep and hard. Maximo demands that he go “faster” and Adam obeys as his cock flops around with every thrust. With the rapid-fire fucking, Maximo showers Adam’s ass with his creamy load of cum as Adam lowers his ass back down onto Maximo’s drained cock. It only takes a fetish. […]

  • Fit To Fuck: Kris de Fabio, Salvador Mendoza
    on June 14, 2019 at 12:00 am

    You spoke and we listened, we joined together two of your favorite models Kris de Fabio and Salvador Mendoza. Kris and Salvador were wondering why this took so long to happen and were very excited to be a part of this project. The guys stripped down to their KB’s and the intensity in their eye gaze told us this was going to be a really hot encounter. As the electricity flowed from one to the other it was the kiss that ignited the flames of desire. As Salvador’s lips get a taste of Kris’ smooth cock he is hooked and can’t get enough of it. His lips run up and down the shaft as his teeth turn their attention to chewing on his ample foreskin then back to swallowing his cock. The guys swap and Kris’ tongue is wagging before he even gets to Salvador’s robust cock. The pleasure that Kris is experiencing shows all over his face and his rock-solid cock. Kris masterfully sucks his cock, forcing the full length into his mouth and down his throat. Salvador bends Kris over and delves into his picture-perfect pink hole tongue first. Being a connoisseur of ass eating, Salvador has an appetite that can’t be satiated. Kris then feels Salvador’s scorching cock pierce his wet ass and Kris lets out a moan that signals Salvador that he is ready for all has to give him. Salvador thrusts in and out several times before he sets his rhythm for a deep, hard ass fucking and Kris responds with sheer blissful rapture. With all this hot fucking, Salvador’s ass is hungry for some action as well and Kris flips him and rams his raw cock into his Colombian ass. Kris gets flipped and finds himself on his back, legs wide open and Salvador’s cock penetrating him perfectly. We paced the guys as best as possible, but the passion and chemistry was stronger than any possible control. Salvador’s aggressive fucking has thrust Kris into ecstasy as his thick load of cum flows up and out of his cock and onto his hot six pack. As Kris’ cum splatters forth, Salvador intensifies his fucking before he pulls out and showers Kris’s open mouth with his scorching load. Kris sucks Salvador’s cock dry of the remainder of his cum. When the chemistry is intense so are the explosions of cum. […]

  • Wesley and Franco
    on June 13, 2019 at 4:00 am

    Today we feature two incredibly hot guys, Latino hunk Franco Nunez and studly Wesley Woods. Wesley is fresh off of his 2019 Grabby Award for "Best Actor," his third time winning that award (among many other awards that he?s won). After a quick interview, our studs waste no time getting down to business. They kiss for a moment, then remove each other?s shirts to reveal two beautiful torsos. Franco is mostly smooth, while Wesley has the perfect amount of fur in all the right places. Franco reaches into Wesley?s briefs and pulls Wesley?s already hard cock out. Franco positions himself to start sucking on Wesley?s wood, as Wesley pulls his own briefs off to give Franco better access to all the goods. As Franco continues with the expert blowjob, Wesley reaches around to tease and massage Franco?s rosebud... that will be his prize, shortly. Wesley then stands up, Franco goes down on his knees, and the blowjob continues for a few more minutes. Wesley then stands Franco up, positions him on the couch with his ass in the air so that he can spread his cheeks for full access, and starts rimming Franco?s tight hole. Franco groans in pleasure, as Wesley tongue fucks his love tunnel. Wesley gets Franco?s hole properly lubed up and loose, then stands up and slowly slides his rock hard and unsheathed cock inside of Franco. Wesley starts fucking him, slowly at first... and then with growing intensity. After a bit of this, Wesley is ready for another position... he reclines back on the sofa, as Franco faces him and then mounts him from above. Franco bounces up and down on Wesley?s shaft, which Wesley obviously enjoys... it causes his nuts to draw up tighter and tighter to his body. Our studs then end up on the floor, with Wesley fucking Franco as Franco lies back with his legs in the air. Wesley picks up the pace, and is apparently hitting the right spot... Franco starts to cum all over his own abs. This puts Wesley over the edge, as he immediately pulls out and deposits his own creamy load of jizz all over Franco?s stomach. Totally spent, our hunks share a passionate kiss as the scene fades to black. I think these two will meet again. […]

  • Time For Action: Attila Kardos, Apolo Fire
    on June 13, 2019 at 12:00 am

    While out at the street festival, Apolo Fire eyes up a hot guy, Attila Kardos and invites him back to his flat conveniently located just around the corner. Things heated up real fast at the festival and continued to sizzle once behind closed doors. As the kissing escalates to an arousing level, so do both men’s bulges in their shorts. The cocks come out and Apolo drops to his knees and begins running his succulent lips up and down the smooth shaft of Attila’s rock-hard cock. Attila likes the force and velocity that Apolo sucks cock and guides him with his hand on the back of his head. The guys swap positions and Attila quickly feels the meatiness of Apolo’s cock filling his mouth and stabbing the back of his throat. After swapping cock sucking with each other, Apolo turns around, spreads the massive mounds of his ass muscles and Attila rams his raw cock deep inside of his hot, pink hole. Attila pulls his cock out multiple times and thrusts it right back in, forcing the blood to flood into Apolo’s throbbing cock. With Apolo’s cock wanting for pleasure, the guys swap up and Attila lowers his muscular ass onto Apolo’s fat cock. With Attila’s cock rock-solid, Apolo knows that he is stroking a fire deep within Attila that will soon be out of control. Apolo edges Attila to the very threshold of no return just before Attila flips Apolo, spreads his legs open and shoves his cock deep inside. Attila has been edged for too long and cannot hold back and gives Apolo a deep pounding that causes Apolo’s cock to erupt all over his ripped abs. Attila pulls his cock out and creams Apolo’s tight, hairy ball sac with his load of cum before shoving his cock back inside of that hot, wet ass. You could call that a Pride "PFF"  Festival Fuck! […]

  • Daniele & His Buddies, SC 6
    on June 11, 2019 at 12:00 am

    Giuseppe is sitting at the piano playing, while a gorgeous stud is up on the balcony, his long hard dick poking through the fly of his jeans. When Giuseppe looks up, the stud grabs his cock and indicates that Giuseppe should come upstairs for a taste. Giuseppe plays coy for a few minutes, but no one could resist a hot guy with a hard cock for long. ​ Giuseppes soon down on his knees, paying close attention to Alexs uncut cock. Alex loses himself in the sloppy blowjob, dickslapping and mouthfucking the eager Giuseppe insistently. ​ Alex moves Giuseppe onto all fours on the table, giving him perfect access to that tasty, hairless hole. He licks deeply with a very agile tongue, spitting on it and jerking Giuseppe off at the same time. ​ Once its all juicy and wet and ready to be fucked, Alex thrusts his cock home, pumping Giuseppes hot ass while he talks dirty to him. They take a quick break from the fucking so Alex can get his mouth on Giuseppes cock and get it nice and hard, sucking him off while Giuseppes legs are high up in the air, then he slides his cock deep inside again. He drops some spit to lube the way while he pumps in and out of his Giuseppes ass until he pulls out to shoot his load all over the bottoms firm ass cheek, followed quickly by the Giuseppes own creamy load.&#8203 […]

  • Daniele & His Buddies, SC 5
    on June 11, 2019 at 12:00 am

    This scene opens with Alessio laying down on a table, his mouth open and eager to suck on Matthias thick cock. Hes sucking slowly, licking and teasing the head until Matthias decides to help him out, thrusting into his mouth. With Alessios big red cocksucker lips wrapped around Matthias shaft, the two work hard to get it all the way down Alessios throat. ​ Alessio moves to the floor so Matthias can stand over him, one leg on the chair, giving him perfect traction to thrust into Alessios eager mouth. ​ The position gives us a great view of Matthias hot, muscled ass, flexing and pumping as he moves his cock in and out, mouth-fucking Alessio. That hot cocksucker loves every inch being thrust into his mouth, until at last, the money shot and Alessio happily works out every last drop of Matthias salty cum. &#8203 […]

  • Angel and Mike
    on June 6, 2019 at 4:00 am

    Mike Lobo returns to Badpuppy with sexy Latino stud Angel Ventura and it is apparent from the beginning that these two are really into each other. They stand and start kissing as the interview concludes. Mike starts pulling down both of their shorts as his hands explore Angel?s lightly, furry chest. Mike?s rock-hard, uncut cock pops straight up the moment it?s free of his underwear. Angel drops to his knees, swallows Mike?s thick piece of meat and starts working it feverishly with his tongue and throat. Mike almost loses his load while Angel is blowing his cock. Mike pulls Angel to his feet, rips off Angel?s underwear and goes to work on Angel?s cock as intently as Angel was working his. Mike motions for Angel to turn around and bend over. Mike buries his face in Angel?s ass and drives his tongue as deep into Angel?s hole as he can force it. Mike?s tongue gets Angel nice and wet. He stands up, pushes his long, thick cock into Angel?s hole and begins pounding hard and fast. The intense fucking continues until Angel turns around and tells Mike that he wants to fuck him. Mike lays back on the bench and Angel slowly pushes his cock into Mike?s hole. Mike gets used to Angel?s size and as Angel begins fucking harder and faster Mike follows the rhythm while jerking his cock. As Angel pushes deeper and faster, Mike?s nuts almost disappear as his cock erupts squirting a thick load of cum all over himself. Angel pulls out, starts jacking his cock and almost immediately blows his load onto Mike?s chest. The two of them look totally exhausted at the end; but there is a certain ?satisfied? look in their eyes. […]

  • Casting Couch #411: Cole Keller, Klein Kerr
    on June 4, 2019 at 12:00 am

    Cole Keller agrees to expand his boundaries with Klein Kerr and is tied to the column as he awaits the arrival of his domineer. Klein arrives and begins with a little tit torture and frottage, and as these rise to a boil Klein releases Cole from his bondage. Klein lavishes Cole with some aggressive kissing and the frottage continues as both men’s cocks are straining to be released from the confines of their jocks. Dropping to his knees, Klein releases Cole’s unyielding cock into his mouth. As Klein’s expert cock sucking skills drive Cole wild with desire, it is the ongoing nipple play that turns his cock rock-solid. Cole quickly drops to his knees, knowing that if he stays standing in front of Klein much longer, he would erupt all over him, so he drops and tugs on Klein’s colossal cock, still restrained in its jock. As Cole takes his mammoth cock into his hands, Klein continues pinching his nipples for further pleasure. Klein revels in the pleasure that Cole is capable of swallowing his cock whole, but when he gives his ball sac those tugs his level of pleasure skyrockets. Klein bends Cole over and thrusts his cock in and out of his hairy ass until he is ready to flood his ass with his entire cock. Cole gets his ass pummeled by Klein’s enormous cock before he gets flipped onto his back and Klein continues with his assault on his ass. Cole’s ass is taking quit the fucking as Klein ramps up his rhythm as he and Cole continue to build a union that will climax with their frenzied eruptions. Klein slows up just for a moment and in that moment both men realize what pleasure they bring to each other. As the pace picks up quickly, Klein’s cock erupts like a geyser and shoots all over both men. He quickly shoves his cock back inside of Cole and fucks him voraciously until Cole’s cock spews thick, globs of cum all over his furry abs. Sometimes being dominated is more about giving way to submission. […]

  • Casting Couch #302: Lucio Saints, Mario Torres
    on June 1, 2019 at 12:00 am

    Mario Torres meets up with Lucio Saints for a hot fuck session. The guys strip down and Lucio begins to ravenously suck on Mario’s hot cock. Lucio spits, licks and sucks his way from Mario’s balls to the head of his cock. Mario then eagerly takes Lucio’s huge, uncut cock into his hungry mouth and throat. Lucio moans and groans with pleasure as Mario works his way up and down Lucio’s huge shaft. Mario is fed Lucio’s large cock and balls until he begins gagging for the pleasure of satisfying Lucio. Now Lucio wants to feed and pleasure Mario’s ass with his fat cock. Lucio penetrates Mario hard and fast and pulls out then repeatedly feeds him again, and again. Picking up his rhythm Lucio begins banging away at Mario’s ass slapping his balls up against his ass. Lucio’s body is glistening with the sweat oozing from his pores as he pounds away at Mario. Flipping Mario onto his back, Lucio continues his onslaught attack on Mario’s dripping ass. Lucio spreads Mario’s ass completely open and penetrates him as deep as his dick will dig. Growing closer and closer to the edge, Lucio’s cock has grown so engorged and hard that Mario’s hole begins to rosebud in response to the mammoth cock fucking him. Lucio can no longer hold back and shoots his massive load all over Mario’s abs, chest and face. Mario then takes Lucio’s huge throbbing cock in both hands and continues to milk every drop of cum from his shaft. Lucio feeds his cock to Mario to suck clean and Mario deep throats the huge cock that just fucked the daylights out of him as he unleashes his hot creamy load. […]

  • Casting Couch #300: Leonardo Lucatto, Tony Axel
    on June 1, 2019 at 12:00 am

    Leonardo Lucatto and Tony Axel have hooked up online before and have decided to make it a regular thing. Today Tony has met Leonardo at his apartment and as soon as he walks in the door the fire of passion is stoked and both men are hot for each other. Tony quickly takes Leonardo’s hooked cock deep into his mouth and throat. Leonardo knows the talents that Tony possesses and begins fucking his mouth deep and hard. Leonardo then takes Toni’s long shaft into his mouth and bathes it in pleasure. Tony bends Leonardo over and drives his huge cock deep inside of Leonardo’s wet ass. Leonardo loves the feeling of his buddies hard cock deep inside of him and begs for more as Tony plunges deep within Leonardo’s open hole. Tony has fucked Leonardo over the edge of bliss as Leonardo gushes his huge load as Tony continues to fuck him deep. Give your fuck buddy a call, he needs you to give him some pleasure today. […]

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