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  • Casting Couch #408: Santiago Rodriguez, Dann Grey
    on April 24, 2019 at 12:00 am

    Dann Grey heads over to his friend’s apartment, Santiago Rodriguez and finds him fast asleep, so Dann wakes him the best way he knows how, with his hard cock. Santiago responds quickly by taking Dann’s hard cock into his mouth and reveling in the pleasures of sucking his cock. The guys swap positions and Dann puts his expert cock sucking skills to the test as he forces Santiago’s magnificent cock down his throat. Dann can see that Santiago’s low hanging balls are filling up fast and decides to bend him over and ram his raw cock up his smooth ass. Santiago takes a hard and deep fucking before he flips Dann and slams his ass with his rock-solid cock. Stretching Dann’s limits, Santiago doesn’t let up and gives Dann a fuck any true bottom would be jealous of receiving. With Santiago’s heavy balls slapping up against his ass, Dann is at the point of no return and showers his abs with his creamy load of cum as Santiago continues with his unrelenting fuck session. Dann has wrapped so much pleasure around Santiago’s cock that he completely loses control and dumps his load of cum deep inside of Dann’s hot ass. […]

  • Matthew and Isaac
    on April 23, 2019 at 4:00 am

    Isaac Esteban is chilling out on the bed when Matthew Sommer gets home from the gym. He?s a little sore from his workout and asks Isaac to give him a massage. Isaac begins rubbing Matthew?s neck and his hands soon make their way down Matthews tight, ripped torso. Isaac spies the bulge growing in Matthew?s pants and he wastes no time freeing Matthew?s cock from its confines. Isaac swallows up Matthew?s cock and begins fondling his balls. Matthew rolls over on the bed and the two strip out of their clothes. Isaac climbs on top of Matthew and shoves his cock deep into Matthew?s throat. Matthew rolls Isaac over onto all fours, grabs the bottle of lube and squirts a healthy amount onto his hands and Isaac?s ass. Matthew pushes slowly at first; but Isaac wants it and he loosens up very quickly. Matthew begins power-fucking Isaac?s ass and each time he hits bottom Isaac squeals just a little. Isaac finally winds up on top again, riding Matthew?s thick, uncut cock. Matthew is as equally into it and he?s giving Isaac quite the ass-pounding. Isaac starts jacking his cock and as his nuts tighten, he squirts a thick load of jizz all over himself. Matthew pulls out, pushes Isaac down on the bed and then coats Isaac?s mouth and face in a heaping load of cum. […]

  • James and Rob
    on April 19, 2019 at 4:00 am

    James Huck is trying to study but Rob Banner comes in all horned up and he won?t leave James alone. He plops himself onto the bed, pulls out his cock and starts playing with it. Rob keeps telling James to join him and finally James turns around catching Rob playing with himself. He immediately reaches over and begins playing with Rob?s cock as the two begin kissing. They start stripping off each other?s clothes and when Rob?s hard, uncut cock stands straight up in from of James? face the only thing James can do is swallow it and give it a tongue bath. Rob reciprocates the blowjob before climbing on top of James? hard piece of meat. Rob settles in and James begins thrusting forcefully from below. Rob?s cock is so excited it is standing completely rigid and rock-hard. James bends Rob over onto all fours, drives his cock deep into Rob?s ass and continues tearing up Rob?s hole. Laying back on the bed Rob lifts his leg and James continues the ass-fucking. Rob grabs ahold of his cock and starts jacking. Between his jerking and James continuously pounding his prostate Rob loses it in no time at all. His cock is soon squirting a thick load of jizz all over himself. James pulls out and he blows his load, launching cum all the way up to Rob?s chest. […]

  • Fulfill Me: Angelo Curti, Salvador Mendoza
    on April 18, 2019 at 12:00 am

    Angelo Curti is horny and invites his favorite fuck buddy over, Salvador Mendoza. Angelo greets Salvador at the door in his underwear and sporting a raging hard-on. Salvador immediately goes to work on Angelo’s hot, uncut cock as his lips glide up and down the veiny shaft and come to nibble on his ample foreskin. Angelo takes his turn and swirls his tongue around Salvador’s cock head before feeling it slip across his moist tongue and to the back of his throat. Knowing exactly why Angelo has invited him over, Salvador bends Angelo over, spreads his furry cheeks and delves into that hot pink center tongue first. The gift of a true fuck buddy is that he knows just how to excite you and when to move in for the deep, penetrating pleasure and Salvador does just that. He sits back and has Angelo lower his wet ass onto his throbbing cock. It’s not long before Salvador is fucking Angelo’s raw ass deep and hard, with his masterful thrusts that heighten both men’s levels of arousal. On this night, Salvador has a treat for Angelo as he lays on the table, spreads his legs open and allows Angelo’s cock to penetrate and fuck him. The sensation is overwhelming Angelo so Salvador switches it up again and has Angelo squat down on his cock again. This time Angelo is able to open up completely and go balls deep as he feels his ass stretching to new limits. Salvador’s cock always massages Angelo’s prostate perfectly in this position and it’s not long before Angelo is erupting his creamy load of cum all over Salvador. Angelo continues grinding down on Salvador’s cock as he squeezes out the last drops of cum. This intense sensation forces Salvador to spew his load like a wild geyser, as the cum flies through the air. Call your fuck buddy, aren’t you in need of a hot release? […]

  • Brian Bonds 2019
    on April 16, 2019 at 4:00 am

    Hunky Brian Bonds returns for a solo performance and this hot stud has not only grown up; but he?s bulked up and leaned out. With the interview complete Brian stands up and poses in his underwear. He pulls off his shorts as he turns around and out pops his eight-inch, rock-hard cock and it looks as thick as it is long. Brian bends over the sofa and spreads his ass. He spreads his hole wide for the camera, licks his finger and slowly starts finger-fucking himself. I absolutely love the fact that his cock remains hard as a rock the entire time he is playing with his ass and, not even touching his dick. Brian sits back into the corner of the sofa, spreads his legs, grabs his cock with one hand and continues finger-fucking his hole with the other. As his finger probes deeper, he begins jacking faster. His nuts almost totally disappear as his body tightens. He goes into what appears to be mini convulsions as his cocks starts spewing a thick mess of creamy jizz. […]

  • Daniele & His Buddies, SC 2
    on April 16, 2019 at 12:00 am

    Giuseppe is on the bed relaxing while Alex massages his gorgeous body. The massage seems to be concentrated in the ass area, but its no wonder with such a gorgeous ass to roll and squeeze like fresh pizza dough. Alex strips off Giuseppes underwear, and spreads those tasty ass cheeks, diving in with his tongue and fingers, sliding them in and out, then shoves his face back in there, working the hole with his tongue. They kiss passionately and Alex moves down to take Giuseppes hard cock, jerking it off and teasing the head with his tongue, then taking it full into his mouth. Alex works that hard cock, jerking and sucking until he squeezes out the first load. ​ Alex isnt done with Giuseppes ass though; he flips him over so he has perfect access to the smooth, hairless hole and spends some quality time working his fingers and tongue in the hole while Giuseppe watches from below. ​ They change positions once again, moving into a 69 so they can lavish each others cocks with tongues and mouths, then Giuseppe moves to his stomach so he can pay close attention to Alexs cock, sucking it in deeply all the way to the base, and then teasing the head lightly with his tongue until the Alex cant take it another second and shoots his creamy white load all over Giuseppes shoulder.&#8203 […]

  • Daniele & His Buddies, SC 1​
    on April 16, 2019 at 12:00 am

    Daniel is in the kitchen, baking the way nature intended, completely naked! As he works that dough, wearing nothing but an apron, his friend Giuseppe arrives. Immediately Giuseppes hand is drawn to Daniels incredible ass. The two guys work the dough for a few minutes, but Daniels plan worked, and before you know it, hes laying on the bed, his thick uncut cock getting the oral attention it deserves. ​ Daniel soon lies back on the couch, lifting his legs high in the air and spreading his magnificent ass cheeks open so his Giuseppe can get his tongue in there. After a nice juicy rimming, Daniel switches to sucking Giuseppes hard cock. He works that cock until Giuseppe shoots his load all over Daniels chest but with his cock still hard, he decides to climbs on top of Daniels throbbing cock, his own fat dick bouncing around with each thrust up and down ​ They switch to doggy position with Daniel taking him from behind, his thigh muscles flexing and that incredible ass hard and firm as he pumps his friends equally smooth, firm ass. He fucks him him until hes ready to blow, and pulls out to shoot his load all over Giuseppes back and ass cheeks, rubbing the cum all over that just fucked ass.&#8203 […]

  • Xavier and Jaden
    on April 12, 2019 at 4:00 am

    Jaden Polo turns to see the very sexy Xavier Sibley standing behind him. He walks over and the two immediately start deep kissing, full-on groping and ripping off each other?s clothes. In short order Xavier has Jaden naked on the bed, his cock is rock-hard and Xavier swallows the whole thing. Jaden spins around and focuses on Xavier?s thick, uncut cock. He starts blowing it and does not quit until Xavier?s dick is rock-hard and ready for some anal action. Xavier rolls over on the bed, Jaden climbs on top and slowly sits down on Xavier?s long piece of meat. Xavier begins thrusting from below and as Jaden?s hole loosens, Xavier begins pounding harder. Jaden?s really getting into it as he in turn begins bouncing up and down on Xavier?s cock. The two roll over putting Jaden on bottom and Xavier goes back to fucking the hell out of him. Jaden begins jacking his cock with very quick strokes. Xavier pushes his cock in deeper causing Jaden to blow a load of jizz all over his tummy while Xavier continues thrusting in and out. Xavier immediately pulls his cock out of Jaden?s ass and begins stroking it. In mere seconds Xavier is squirting his love juice all over Jaden?s cock and balls. […]

  • Good Vibes: Cody Banx, Attila Kardos
    on April 12, 2019 at 12:00 am

    Cody Banx and Attila Kardos work together and have been fighting the vibes that they feel from one another, until today. Afterwork the guys hooked up and invited us to watch. The kissing gets  passionate very quickly as the clothes start to drop and the hard cocks are revealed. After a little docking, Cody drops down and takes Attila’s handsome cock into his mouth as Attila uses his leather belt around Cody’s neck to draw him in deeper. The guys then swap positions and Attila switches back and forth from cock to balls as he draws them in and gives them a healthy sucking. The next swap finds Cody and Attila in a hot 69 position, where both cocks are equally serviced at the same time. Cody proves to be a very hungry co-worker as he moves in and begins eating Attila’s beautiful, furry ass. Never more ready, Cody stands up and rams his raw cock deep into Attila’s ass. After a short time of fucking, Cody drops down and begins eating Attila’s freshly fucked ass, just a bit more of lube for you, then returns to his deep ass fucking. Time for another swap and this time Attila sits back as Cody sits his ass down on Cody’s throbbing cock. The guys work together to make sure that full and complete penetration is achieved. As the fucking intensifies, Cody leans in and continues with the passionate kissing. Cody spins around so that we can see just how much he loves to get fucked, as we witness from how rock-solid his cock is as Attila continues fucking his ass. Another flip and this time we find Cody on his back and Attila driving his cock deep from on top. This is the position that drives Cody wild, as Attila’s cock massages him perfectly and deeply. It is not long before the pleasure over takes Cody and he takes his cock into his hand and strokes out his hot load of cum. Attila amps up his fucking and unleashes his creamy load of cum all over Cody’s spent ball sac. With the last drops of cum still draining from his cock, Attila shoves his cock back into Cody so that he has something to think about before work tomorrow. Which co-worker do you want to fuck with? […]

  • Gerasim and Max
    on April 9, 2019 at 4:00 am

    Max Trey is hanging out on the sofa when Gerasim Spartak gets home from work and Gerasim is all horned up. Max drops to his knees, Gerasim?s pants drop to his ankles and Max swallows Gerasim?s rock-hard, uncut cock. His head is soon bobbing up and down on Gerasim?s manhood. Max strips out of his clothes, sits back on the sofa and Gerasim gets his turn at Max?s cock and balls. After some mutual face-fucking Max turns over on all fours and Gerasim wastes no time filling Max?s ass with his dick. Gerasim works his cock deep into Max?s ass and then begins pounding feverishly. Gerasim goes over and sits on the sofa and Max sits down on his dick. Max?s begins riding up and down enjoying each time he bottoms out on Gerasim?s cock. In the final moments Gerasim is intently fucking Max from the rear. He pulls out, rolls over and as he jacks himself off, Max is there to lick up the creamy white jizz that Gerasim sprays all over himself. Max goes to work jacking his own dick. It only takes a moment; but, when he blows, he lets loose of a huge load which coats Gerasim and manages to hit the pillow on the sofa behind his arm. […]

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